What Ghostbusters and Ink Master Have In Common

March 3, 2016

They are letting the ladies kick some butt.

Ink Master, if you’re not familiar, is a reality show tattooing competition that, while full of crude language and characters most discretely described as “colourful,” also provides some pretty fascinating insights into a very high-stakes form of art. I am absurdly addicted to it.*

Ink Master recently ran a special in which four of their previous female competitors battled it out for the top spot, and while we could probably have a lengthy debate over the fact that women shouldn’t need their own episode and should be allowed to go head-to-head against men (which is true), props should still be given for recognizing that women in male dominated industries have it rough and deserve a chance to shine.

Likewise, Ghostbusters. Because women in Hollywood deserve the chance to play a part other than Girlfriend or Mother.

Are you a fan of Ink Master? Looking forward to the new Ghostbusters? What other movies and shows allow women a chance to shine? Share in the comments!

* I suspect one of the reasons I like it is the same reason I’m enjoying Friday Night Lights on Netflix – it makes me feel like an anthropologist studying a strange new sub-culture.


2 Comments on ‘What Ghostbusters and Ink Master Have In Common’

  1. I have never heard of Inkmaster and just saw the trailer for Ghostbusters. LOL Wow, looks like it will be fun. It’s hard to know what women’s movies work. I think we’re hard on each other and often what we’d like in a movie isn’t economic. Sigh.

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    1. Ink Master is on Spike – the 7th season just started. It’s fairly unsophisticated television, but I find the critiques on the tattoos really interesting.

      My biggest issue is that we still have to call them “women’s movies.” Women are half the people on the planet, darn it, and I dream of a day when our culture stops treating us as second-class citizens. And stops shaming men for liking stories about women.

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