Bath And Body Works Addiction: Boxing Day Edition*

January 14, 2016

My Bath and Body Works stockpile - because a zombie apocalypse is no reason not to smell nice.

My Bath and Body Works stockpile – because a zombie apocalypse is no reason not to smell nice.

Over the past decade, I’ve gotten in the habit of updating my wardrobe at US outlet malls, during the annual trip to see my Grandma. But we didn’t make it to Texas last year, and with the current exchange rate on Canadian dollars, waiting for the next trip just seemed silly. Especially since older items were wearing out and I hadn’t bought a new piece of clothing in 18 months, so my closet was looking a little thin.

Plus, there were Boxing Week sales.

So off to the mall I went, with a short and practical list of necessary items. And a fist full of Bath and Body Works coupons.

The coupons. Oh, the coupons. BBW knows my weakness and they ruthlessly exploit it under the guise of a “good deal.” And to be fair, it is a good deal, price-wise. But a good deal on more body products when I already have a closet full is slightly less of a good deal.

I was very proud of myself, though. I needed socks anyway, so I bought 4 pairs of shea-infused socks at BBW, and since they were holiday print, they were 75% off. I then snagged a bottle of Coconut Lime body lotion to match the extra shower gel I already had, and a scented candle for my office (because I had a coupon for a free $15 item with a $15 purchase, and that’s good math no matter how you look at it).

That was all I bought, which, if you know me, shows an amazing amount of restraint. My BBW addiction is surpassed only by my book addiction, after all.

Remembering that there will always be another sale helped a lot. So did the “impatient shopping husband” look Tech Support was giving me from the door. Key tip for my fellow addicts – take someone who doesn’t share your sickness!

Did you succumb to Boxing Day sales, at BBW or anywhere else? How many items did you come home with that weren’t on your list? It’s OK to confess – you’re among friends, here. 😀

* Yes, I know it’s January 14. I was still avoiding the internet on Boxing Day, so the blog is a bit behind. 😀

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