Optimal Foraging Theory Applies to Halloween, Too

November 1, 2014

Tech Support and I live in a relatively new subdivision, and our house is at the end of a long crescent where most of the other lots are empty. As a result, we only get 6-20 kids ringing the bell on Halloween, despite the fact that there are probably at least 50 of them in the neighbourhood. Most of them seem to have decided that walking all the way down here is a waste of candy-seeking energy.

Or maybe they're just worried about being used for one of Dr. Carmichael's nefarious experiments.

Or maybe they’re just worried about being used for one of Dr. Carmichael’s nefarious experiments.

Which means that this morning, a big pile o’ leftover candy is staring us in the face, despite the fact that we¬†have a very generous distribution policy (a fact which would¬†change the dynamics of the candy-hunting algorithm quite a bit if more kids were aware of it, actually). I am safe from the post-Halloween sugar-coma due to the fact that 90% of Halloween candy contains at least one of my food allergens. Tech Support is not so lucky. I may be peeling him off the ceiling with a spatula later on….

How was Halloween at your place?

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  1. Hahaha! I love the photo, Dr. Carmichael! And you’re right, if those kids got the real skinny on the goods at your place, they all make two visits or more! We always did that at the “good” houses! We got one trick or treater, our three-year-old grandson. His one-year-old sissy threw up all over the place just before they were leaving to come over, so she had to stay home with her daddy. We live in an apartment, and there aren’t many kids who live here, so it saves me from being tempted by buying lots of candy. I remember the good old days when I used to raid my kids’ stash, looking for the best candy bars! Terrible mom! Heehee!

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    1. My mom used to raid our stashes too, but in her defence, she was actually removing all the nut-containing allergy bombs. At least, she claimed it was for my own good!

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