How Desperate Was the First Person Who Ever Ate a Lobster?

April 5, 2014

Lobster (450pi)

I mean, right? After all, they are basically the cockroaches of the sea. And they fight back. And then they LOOK at you while you’re eating them.

What’s another delicious food you can’t believe someone actually ate for the first time?

4 Comments on ‘How Desperate Was the First Person Who Ever Ate a Lobster?’

  1. So funny! They are delicious though.

    People will eat just about anything if hungry enough. Who looked a mushroom and decided that it would be good to eat? And they had to figure out which ones were edible. Sheesh! That’s not an experiment I’d want to join.

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    1. Good point. There would have been a LOT of fungal casualties before people figured out which ones weren’t toxic!

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  2. I often wonder who equated us to cows. Why did someone think that a human being should drink the stuff that comes from a cow’s teet meant for nourishment in the first weeks of life? If we were really meant to drink milk our while life long then our creator would have come up with some way to get it once it was no longer feasible to nurse from our mothers. Since there is no way, I am convinced that we were not meant to drink milk after our first years of life, yet we decided to take from bovine? Something is just not right with that.

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    1. Milk is definitely a weird one when you think about it. There aren’t any other mammals that continue to feed on milk, so it’s a bit odd that we humans decided that consuming another species’ baby food our entire lives was a good idea. Cow’s milk is one of the most common allergens for people, probably for this reason.

      Cheese is SOOOOO tasty, though….

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