The Final Piece of Evidence

December 12, 2013

Courtesy of Kristin Nador on WANA Commons

Courtesy of Kristin Nador on WANA Commons

So I’m browsing through the kid’s section at Chapters today, and I see a man, mid-thirties, staring at the shelves with the kind of panic I well remember from my former life as a bookmonger. Naturally, I eavesdropped:

Salesperson: Can I help you find anything?

Customer: I need Christmas gifts for my friend’s kids.

Salesperson: Boys or girls?

Customer: Two boys and a girl.

So far, so good, right?  But the plot, as they say, is about to thicken…

Salesperson: How old are they?

A woman, when faced with this critical question, would immediately respond “almost eight” or “in fifth grade.”  Even if they weren’t her kids.

Customer: Well, I think the girl must be about six, because I’m pretty sure they had her about a year before I bought my truck.

I think the hypothesis that men and women approach the world differently can now be upgraded to a theory!

What evidence have you seen that supports this theory? And how is your holiday shopping going – are you finished early, or starting in a panic? If you’ve got a young book-lover on your list, check out the awesome Fox Talk giveaway happening over at Mother Daughter & Son Book Reviews.

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  1. I loved Fox Talk. Bought it for myself. Congrats Lindsey on your career. G.A. Lorene

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    1. Thank you, Aunt Lorene! So glad that you like it.

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