They’re Coming to Get Me

November 9, 2013

As if Sharknado weren’t bad enough, the actual, real life sharks are headed this way. A great white was caught in the Bay of Fundy in 2011, and a white tagged in Florida was just tracked to the coast of Newfoundland.

I am fully aware that the chances of a shark attack are astronomically low, but something about those flat, dead eyes and the mouthful of razors reminds me that despite our current position on the food chain, human beings started out as prey.

Check out this video, which shows the Newfie shark, “Louise,” getting tagged for tracking – the rational, sciencey part of my brain thinks it’s pretty cool:

Do you share my fear of sharks, or do you count down the days to Shark Week? What other animals give you the wiggins?

4 Comments on ‘They’re Coming to Get Me’

  1. Sharks are pretty creepy, but bugs (especially roaches) give me the wiggins. **shudder**

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    1. I don’t mind roaches, despite the fact that I’d routinely see them in the ladies’ washroom at the university while I was in grad school. It’s slugs I can’t handle. They should have the decency to keep their clothes on – snails are much more respectable!

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  2. I wouldn’t needlessly or recklessly expose myself to a known shark area, but I don’t have an unusual fear of sharks. I wouldn’t feel comfortable swimming far out in the ocean, though, or floating on a small object for more than a short time.

    As for bugs, they’re fine in the garden where there is an ecosystem, but not fine in my house, especially those known to prefer houses. I’m not impressed with slugs in my rhubarb or veggies, aphids on my flowers, or those awful burrowing bugs that make Saskatoon berries inedible. I far prefer spiders to insects or creepy segmented things. I let a dime-sized spider found in my bathroom the other day stay with the instruction, “If you see anything else, eat it.”

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    1. Ha! Let’s hope your spider listens.

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