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Jagular taking a nap

So Apparently I Can’t Write Intelligently About Science at 5PM

Because it’s been a long day already and I’ve been staring blankly at the screen for ten minutes, thinking about naps instead of typing. But all is not lost, because I have science writing friends. I highly recommend Sci/Why, ... Read More  

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One Lovely Blog Tour

Writer-friend Janet Givens has tagged me to take part in the One Lovely Blog Tour. Here are the rules: 1) Thank and tag the person who nominated you (thanks, Janet!). 2) Share seven things about yourself. 3) Nominate the ... Read More  

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Sci/Why = Awesome

The Week of Mayhem is back for round 2, so for this Mad Scientist Monday, I direct you to Sci/Why, a group blog written by an amazing team of Canadian children’s science writers. There’s a really diverse range of ... Read More