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Counting on Katherine, by Helaine Becker

STEMinism Sunday: Women in Space

In honour of the recent, first-ever, all-female spacewalk, I thought I'd share three recent, amazing Canadian kids' books united by the theme of women in space. Read More  


Great Big Book News!

  *emerges from hiding* *checks to see whether anyone is still here* *pulls out bullhorn and confetti cannon* I’M WRITING A BOOK FOR KIDS CAN PRESS. KIDS CAN PRESS, PEOPLE.   Unless you’re in the biz, you may not ... Read More  

everything space by Helaine Becker

Sci/Why: Happy Book Birthday!

Congrats to author-friend Helaine Becker, who’s celebrating the launch of her latest kid’s science book, Everything Space! An excellent Christmas gift for the junior astronaut on your list. Click through for all the details. Source: Sci/Why: Happy Book Birthday! ... Read More  

Lane Anderson award winners, 2014

Fuzzy Forensics Wins the Lane Anderson Award!

If you’ve been anywhere near me on social media this week, of course, you already know this. By the time I made it back to my hotel room after the dinner where the announcement was made, author friends┬áhad already ... Read More