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Cats taking a nap together

A Long Winter’s Nap

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, we're going to take a brief hiatus here on ye olde blog. The blog-mistress is in dire need of a nap, and she's willing to bet a lot of you are, ... Read More  

Merry Christmas from cats

A Holiday From Technology

I’m sorry to say that 2014 has totally kicked my tush, and I am beat. In hopes of actually getting some rest this holiday season, I’m stepping away from my computer for a little while. I need to recharge ... Read More  

Merry Christmas from cats

See You in 2014!

In the spirit of cutting myself a break at this hectic time of year, I’m stepping away from the internet for a couple of days. Regular posting schedule resumes January 2. Thank you so much to everyone who supported ... Read More