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hiding from a T rex

Jurassic World: Less Dominion, More Extinction

I vividly remember going to see Jurassic Park (1993) in the theatre. It was me and two of my besties, on the edge of our seats... at least until Kelsey and I glanced over at Julie-Ann and she wasn't ... Read More  

Triceratops Stomp by Karen Patkau

Cantastic Authorpalooza: Karen Patkau

A plaster cast of an embryo fossil and three eggs circulated around the room. Dr. David Evans, a paleontologist at the Royal Ontario Museum, described his remarkable find: a dinosaur nursery where he found dinosaur eggs! Read More  

Sue the T-Rex

Move Over, SUE, There’s a New T. Rex in Town

Of all the dinosaurs in all the world, SUE the T. rex might be the most famous. The most complete T. rex skeleton ever found, SUE is likely also the most well-traveled. Her bones, or at least casts of ... Read More  

Sue the T-Rex

Now the Circle is Complete -or- A Belated Dinosaur Christmas Gift

Today’s post isn’t mine – it belongs to paleontologist Dr. Matt Bonnan, who graciously gave me permission to share it here. There is a ton of very cool stuff on his blog The Evolving Paleontologist, and you should definitely ... Read More  

bean sprouts growing in the drain

Of Bean Sprouts and Frogosaurs: (Plant) Life Finds a Way

Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Sam Neill discovers that the female frogosaurs have figured out how to change gender, leading to the production of baby frogosaurs, which will now endanger all of humanity because “Life finds a ... Read More