How Can We Reduce Agricultural Pollution?

Agricultural PollutionAbout the Book

Part of the What Can We Do About Pollution? series from Lerner’s Searchlight imprint, the book covers three major types of pollution produced by agriculture – air, water, and biological. It also talks about some of the strategies farmers use to reduce pollution associated with food production. For grades 3-5.

Fun Facts
    • I grew up in Alberta, which is famous for both wheat and beef. It was interesting (and a bit scary) learning the science behind the smell of feedlots.
    • For seven years, I lived in Nova Scotia, where aquaculture is used to raise fish and shellfish. Biological pollution – the spread of farmed animals into the wild – is a major concern with aquaculture.
    • While researching this book, I learned new ways to reduce pollution on the foods I eat every day – I hope you will, too!
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