Fur and Feathers and Frogs, Oh My! The Boreal Forest at East Gwillimbury Public Library

October 24, 2020 @ 1:30PM - 2:30PM
Virtual Event

Who calls the boreal forest home? Moose and loons and beavers are both iconic and familiar; tanukis and teals and star-nosed moles, not so much! After a brief introduction to the boreal forest, kids will be asked to brainstorm a list of boreal species. We’ll take a few moments to learn about some of the biome’s more unusual occupants, through a reading from The Boreal Forest that brings these species to vivid life. From the reading, kids will identify three common strategies for surviving boreal winters, with examples of animals that use each one. We’ll then discuss two extreme winter adaptations before ending with plenty of time for questions.

Best for kids in grades 4-6.

Streaming live on Google Meet. To register, email sclare@egpl.ca