A Desperately Needed Vacation

June 11, 2021

So, how’s everyone doing out there?

Frustrated? Exhausted? Burnt out?

Yeah. Me too. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so tired – usually after I realize I’ve been staring into the middle distance for an unknown number of minutes while my brain was temporarily out of service. Then I realized that it’s been a really, really busy 18 months over here: 

  • I launched The Boreal Forest
  • I planned two book tours – the original in-person version and the “Woah, I guess I have to learn how to livestream” version.
  • I wrote the resource guide for the Million Tree Project.
  • I wrote the first draft of a teacher’s guide for a super-cool palaeontology project. 
  • I wrote my first picture book – and got an agent!!
  • I co-wrote a novel.
  • I wrote three or four grant applications – I honestly don’t remember which.
  • I developed a dozen new presentations, and gave them a whole lot of times.
  • I filmed a whole lot of video.
  • I attended two virtual conferences and took three virtual courses.

That is… a ridiculously heavy workload for a year without a pandemic. Given the current state of the universe, it crosses over into the absurd.

I need a rest. I’m betting you do too. Let’s agree to spend a few weeks outside, sitting in the shade with a good book and a tall iced tea. We’ll meet back here in July. Or August. Could go either way. 😉

Take care of yourselves, everyone. And get your vaccines – if Fox Cousteau can do it, so can you.


Fox Cousteau joins Team Pfizer

Thanks to Nurse Victoria for being such a great sport!





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