Who’s Your Favourite Fantasy Author?

February 17, 2018

Confession: I’ve been hoarding Terry Pratchett novels ever since he first announced he had Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve been doling them out to myself as rare and hard-to-earn rewards because I knew there would come a day that he wouldn’t be able to write any more. And on that day, I would lose forever the joy of reading one of his works for the very first time.

I read Snuff as my treat for finishing the first draft of my new Kids Can Press book (eek!) and it was just as brilliant and incisive and wonderful as I could have hoped, and therefore terribly bittersweet, because that’s one less Pratchett book left on my shelf.

So help me out, hive mind! Who are your favourite fantasy authors, both legendary and desperately underrated? I need some new books to hoard. 🙂

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