When You Wake Up One Morning and Realize Two Months Have Gone By

May 18, 2017

reflections of tree branches

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Apparently it is May. And not just a little bit May, but the kind of May that is most of the way to June.


You know those times when work goes nuts and you have two family emergencies on opposite sides of the country and then you find out that after a year of living in the soul-sucking uncertainty of limbo, you ARE actually moving to a new province after all, and what if potential home buyers in your very cold real estate market hate everything about the house you’ve lovingly cared for over the past six years?

Those times when LIFE HAPPENS, and any item on your to do list that does not result in DIRE CONSEQUENCES if left undone is just not going to happen?

Yeah, those.

Funny thing was, I actually thought I was handling things pretty well, until I went to the physiotherapist yesterday:

Therapist: So how are you managing your stress with everything that’s been going on?

Me: (thinks about it) I don’t actually feel that stressed.

Therapist: (pinches the rock hard traps connecting my neck and shoulders) I beg to differ.

But the sun in shining today, bringing a promise of summer and a glimmer of new opportunities, and I’m starting to feel like the worst might actually be over, at least for a week or two. So I’ll try to be around here a little more often. If I’m not, though, you can always find me on Facebook or Twitter.

How are things with you?

7 Comments on ‘When You Wake Up One Morning and Realize Two Months Have Gone By’

  1. Big huge hugs! Yeah, Life Happens. A LOT. Hang in there.

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    1. I thought you’d like that Life Happens part, Pauline! Hugs back acha.

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  2. Well, bellyaching isn’t the answer and you’re not the type to wallow in platitudes, so I’ll just say Carry On!
    Where are you moving? Whatcha gonna do there? Post more often and drop by a Joke Site to get in the moon for a mood you can survive! Believe me, change is good for keeping you young!

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    1. We are moving to Ontario. It’s going to be a big change, but hopefully big change will lead to big new opportunities! And more time to write.

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  3. Golly if I could type it would make life so much more relaxing.!

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  4. Hang in. What province are you moving to?

    The good news is you haven’t missed summer.

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    1. Not yet, but it’s a real danger – I have to remind myself to play hooky when the weather is good!

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