I Feel This is a Bad Sign

September 12, 2015

Courtesy of Seven Inches of Your Time

Courtesy of Seven Inches of Your Time

So you know how I’m binge-reading The Wheel of Time series now that all the books are finally out? I’m on book six of 14 (technically 7 of 15, since I started with the prequel) and I have noticed some things.

First of all, binging is totally the way to go with these. SO MANY CHARACTERS, I can’t even. The other cool thing about reading them back to back, though, is that I’m picking up on the foreshadowing in a way I never did before. And it’s wild. Like, Jordan will foreshadow stuff that’s not going to happen for two or three thousand pages. That is some serious authorial plot mastery.

Plus the world building? Wow. It’s so detailed you can smell it.

I gotta say though, I’m finding Rand al’Thor, Dragon Reborn and Official Chosen Guy, to be the least interesting and often least sympathetic of all the characters. Which is a bit problematic, because he is the central figure in the story, and I don’t really want to spend time with him. I’m actually kind of relieved when his sections are over and I get to go hang out with someone else for a while. Like Nynaeve.

I feel this is a bad sign…

Have you read The Wheel of Time? What character was your favourite or least favourite? What’s you’re opinion of “the chosen one” trope in fantasy?


Happy birthday to my little brother, too!

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