Clearly, I Need a Least Weasel

July 16, 2015

Because OMG the cuteness. This one also clearly has a fine appreciation for Eeyore, so we’d get along very well.

If you could have any animal as a pet, which would you choose? 

2 Comments on ‘Clearly, I Need a Least Weasel’

  1. I love Eeyore! He’s my favorite. I wonder how hard a weasel is to keep as a pet. My daughter had all sorts of pets – tarantula being the strangest. They are actually very friendly.

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    1. Eeyore for the win! I have no idea of the logistics of weasel care, but they do look like they need a lot of supervision – cute, but hyper. I’ve heard tarantulas are very docile. I was heartbroken when tourists on the beach in the Dominican killed one who was out for a walk one day.

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