Having a Life: I’m Doing It Wrong

September 19, 2013

black bearSo my Dad has recently moved to the wilds of Vancouver Island, and a couple days ago I called him up for a chat:

Dad: How was your weekend?

Me: I spent the entire thing sorting out archived emails, organizing bookmarks, and setting up a new laptop. You?

Dad: I watched an autopsy of an orca and then the dog chased a baby bear up a tree.


I really need to get a life. On that note, check out this fabulous post by the brilliant Marcy Kennedy: Is Chasing Your Dream Preventing You from Living. It will inspire you to get a life, too.

So how was your weekend? 🙂

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  1. Interesting post Lindsey cuz for the last couple of weeks since moving to Nova Scotia from the NWT I’ve been wondering if I’ll still have a “life” after 19 years in NWT and 12 years in Labrador – back there it was not unusual for me to be crawling into bear dens, flying caribou surveys, doing autopsies of wolves, and so on. Here? – yeah, sorting through emails and cutting the grass….. I’m trying to adapt to it, but it’s not easy!

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  2. That is a big change, for sure. And it’s tough, when you love you work, to stop doing it – which is why I end up in my office during the evenings and weekends. I need to get over it, though. I think for me it will be about realizing that rest is not slacking off – it’s what allows me to be good at my work.

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing my post. It sounds like your dad has an exciting life! Maybe a little too exciting 🙂

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    1. My pleasure! And his life got a lot more exciting after he moved – who knew geography would make such a difference?

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