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Women Tweet Science Too – Even If They’re Made of LEGO

I’ve posted before about how gendered toys make me crazy, and LEGO┬áhas been a repeat offender in this category.* Which is why it was so great when LEGO released the set featuring women scientists – we can’t just TELL ... Read More  

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Toys Do Not Have Genders, Chuck Wendig Style

If you’re sharing my rage over gender bias in the toy industry, you should check out Chuck Wendig’s post on the subject. Be warned: he uses bad words that do not appear on my blog. But he’s also insightful ... Read More  

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Toys Do Not Have Genders!!

Was anyone else infuriated when Lego introduced “Lego for girls”? I was. Original Lego is in bright primary colours, encourages kids to use their imaginations, teaches basic engineering skills, and is filled with characters that storm castles and conquer ... Read More