Polar Party at the Brighton Public Library

May 30, 2023 @ 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Cover of Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth

Join Lindsey in an exploration of all the ways animals have adapted for life in Earth’s polar regions: bitterly cold, freeze-dried wildernesses, where the wind can blow harder than hurricanes. The polar regions also the only places on Earth where day—and night—last up to six months. And yet, many species not only survive in these extreme environments, they thrive!

After a brief introduction to the Arctic and Antarctica, kids will be asked to brainstorm a list of polar species. We’ll discuss the adaptations that help their favourite animals stay warm, find food, and raise their babies, all in two of the harshest habitats on the planet. Then, we’ll explore the extreme adaptations of some less-familiar species… including one that protects itself with projectile vomit! 

This presentation draws on Lindsey’s experience living in the Arctic, her PhD research on northern wolves and arctic foxes, and her favourite facts from her all-new STEM book, PolarWildlife at the Ends of the Earth.

Autographed books will be available at Lighthouse Books, Brighton’s independent book store.

With financial assistance from The Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Program Room at the Brighton Public Library
35 Alice Street
Brighton, ON