The Science Behind Gymnastics

GymnasticsAbout the Book

Out just in time for Rio 2016, The Science Behind Gymnastics is part of the Science of the Summer Olympics series from Capstone. It covers the biology of training and the physics of popular gymnastics events like trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, and vaulting. It’s also got cool stories about record-breaking Olympic gymnasts from around the world. For grades 3-4, buy it for the junior gymnast in your life!

Fun Facts

I never took physics in university or high school, so this book was one of the hardest I’ve ever written – I had to teach myself the science before I could explain it.

I was surprised to discover that gymnasts can perform twists and flips and spins, but scientists have a really hard time explaining how. The physics of twists is particularly poorly understood, but scientists think gymnasts use the same kind of process a falling cat uses to land on its feet.

I spent a lot of my research time staring in awe at videos of Olympic gymnasts doing their thing. So amazing!

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