Innovations in Health by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Innovations in Health

Grade 3-6
Released in 2016
Reading Level:

You might be shocked to discover how some illnesses and diseases were treated years before medical innovations were made. This book will make you feel lucky that you were born after many safe and successful ways were developed to treat illnesses and save lives. Learn about important innovations made in health care that we now take for granted, and the amazing scientists, inventors, and engineers who developed them. With a little inventive thinking, how could you come up with a way to keep you and your family healthy?


  The examples in each of the books in “The Problem Solved! Your Turn to Think Big” series will be engaging to students in Grades 3 6 and well beyond. The books are well-written and well illustrated. The real strength of the books is in the repeated message to students to think creatively and become problem solvers now. With specific examples to motivate them and steps to guide them through the “Engineering Design Process”, young inventors and innovators are sure to feel empowered to dream big and act now.  
— CM Magazine