How Can We Reduce Agricultural Pollution? by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

How Can We Reduce Agricultural Pollution?

Grade 3-5
Released in 2016
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Everyone needs to eat, yet farming is a major cause of pollution around the world. But did you know that certain types of farming create less pollution than others? Or that some types of waste can be made into energy? Investigate what we can do to reduce agricultural pollution.


  Climate change is an important current issue, often the focus of school projects and assignments. These volumes present environmental issues from a local and global perspective, framing the discussion around kids' everyday lives. Topics discussed are timely, including various types of pollution (e-waste), fracking and its effects, the importance of recycling, and more. While the information is at times dire, it is fact-based, not alarmist. 'How You Can Help' sections make a connection between personal activities and global effects, motivating kids to get involved with community cleanup and to write to encourage politicians to pass laws to improve the environment. VERDICT: This informative series will inspire young readers to join the cause for climate change.  
— School Library Journal