Scenes From My Kitchen: A Musical

Me: *stumbles downstairs in the morning to find kitchen a hive of activity* Tech Support: Morning! I did the thing and the stuff and that other thing, and all that jazz. Me: *channeling Catherine Zeta Jones* Come with me, I know a whoopty spot, where the GIN is cold, but the PIANO’S hot; it’s just a noisy hall where there’s a nightly brawl and ALL…. THAT… JAAAAAAAAZZ Tech Support: *jazz hands* Happy Friday!

You May Now Stalk Me on Goodreads

What’s the first thing you do when you visit someone’s house for the first time? Admire their kitchen backsplash? Poke through the medicine cabinet? Not me. I go straight for the bookshelves. I LOVE snooping through other people’s bookshelves. If they have books I’ve read and loved, I know we can be friends. And if not, well, at least now we have something to talk about until I can come up with a polite excuse to leave the suddenly-awkward party. Back when I had a book review blog, I used to track everything I read in a spreadsheet. At...

Science is the Celebration of Constructive Ignorance

The Scientific Method in the Real World, L. E. Carmichael, L. E. Carmichael author

I have a theory* that there are three kinds of ignorance. The first kind is what I’d call neutral ignorance. The gentle, perfectly understandable kind that arises due to a simple lack of knowledge: Ignorance: lack of knowledge, education, or awareness (Merriam Webster) There is no shame in not knowing something, and there’s no shame in not having access to the education or experience that would provide that knowledge. This kind of ignorance is much closer to innocence, and doesn’t bother me a bit. In contrast, deliberate ignorance makes me absolutely crazy. This is the kind that persists in...